Italian apartments LED bathroom mirrors Customized Project

Project Information

Location :Italian


Client :Italian Apartment


Project Scope :Customized bathroom LED mirrors for an Italian Apartment


Project Highlights : The Apartment customer put forward the customized demand for bathroom decoration, expecting to customize bathroom LED mirrors of different sizes for different rooms to enhance the comfort and practicality of the guest rooms. the Aosmay team communicated fully with the Apartment engineers to understand the customer's needs in depth, and provided professional solutions.


Subsequently, according to the customer's needs, Aosmay team carried out customized production and made bathroom LED mirrors suitable for different rooms, ensuring the quality of each product.

In order to meet the urgent needs of the customer, the Aosmay team carefully arranged a logistics and distribution plan to ensure that the products were delivered to the customer's designated location within the agreed time.


These products were well received by the apartment guests and enhanced the comfort and quality of the Apartment rooms. Due to the successful completion of the project and its recognition by the client, Aosmay has established a long-term relationship with the apartment, laying a good foundation for future cooperation.


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