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Service Advantage

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Our powerful engineering team could provide full solutions for your special designs, production, and packing. Our professional sales team could offer you the appropriate opinions according to your needs.

Extensive Manufacturing Experience

With 25 years of experience, we're a trusted manufacturer specializing in bathroom LED mirrors and mirror cabinets. The whole factory covers above 50,000 sqm, 3 workshops.

Certified Suppliers of THD

We uphold rigorous standards, providing long-lasting LED mirrors and cabinets. As a THD certified supplier, trust us to meet the highest industry benchmarks.

Advanced Production Equipment

We utilize advanced machinery, including technologies such as laser cutting machines. These advanced tools enable precise fabrication of components with intricate designs and shapes, ensuring high precision and quality in our products.

Bulk Exports

Huge export volume, exported to many countries and regions, trusted by international customers.

Certificate of Honor

We are proud to have been awarded various international certifications and honors such as CE, UL, SAA, and BIS, which are proof of our dedication to quality and excellence in management.

Global Warehousing

We have established a network of overseas warehouses to ensure timely logistics and distribution services so that your products can quickly hit the shelves in the global market.

Our Collection

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Welcome to our ready supply page! Here you will find a fantastic selection of bathroom products, from mirrors to cabinets, all carefully chosen to be of the highest quality. We provide you with a wealth of inventory options to meet your business needs immediately without waiting for production cycles. Carefully selected products ensure quality and reliability to keep your bathroom renovation plans running smoothly. Browse our in-stock products now to bring convenience and benefits to your business!

We have 25 years of manufacturing experience, especially with LED mirror and mirror cabinet for bathroom.

Our products have received UKCA, UL, CE approvals and are popular with customers all over the world. Ready for customized solutions and industry-leading, long-term customer support?

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Provide Diverse LED Mirror and Mirror Cabinet Customization Services

Start Design

If you are looking for inspiration, you can choose us. No matter what stage you are at, we can help you bring your product to market. We help you with design development. We evaluate all the details, from shape and size to functionality to quality control and more. With us, you can enjoy vertically integrated LED Mirror and Mirror Cabinet manufacturing solution. We provide complete control and visibility over your entire supply chain, reducing costs and delivering goods on time. Now is the perfect time to get started and make your products shine with our high quality products!

Why Choose US


We are a manufacture with advanced factory facilities and an efficient team of professionals. By combining advanced production processes with an experienced team, we provide excellent service and high quality products.


Our professional certification and strict quality control measures are our commitment to be responsible to our customers. When you choose us, you can buy and cooperate with confidence!


We are actively involved in several projects in hotels, bathrooms, hair salons, apartments, etc., and we work with our partners to create quality environments. By choosing us, you will work with us to drive the success of your project and help your business thrive!


We have partnered with a number of well-known brands to provide quality products and services. This provides a strong guarantee for the quality and reliability of our products.

Specific Advantages

We will provide a full set of OEM/ODM service for you, to make sure you give your products to us without any Worries.

Passed the Salt Spray Test

Our mirror cabinet products have excellent corrosion resistance, thanks to our use of high-quality materials and superb manufacturing processes. The advantage of passing the salt spray test is that it proves the superior durability and reliability of our products in a variety of environmental conditions, especially in wet and salty environments. Our mirror cabinet products have a clear advantage in passing salt spray tests compared to our competitors. This ensures that our customers enjoy a longer service life and lower maintenance costs when purchasing our products. At the same time, this also proves our strict control of product quality and accurate grasp of customer needs.

100% Product Inspection

Our mirror cabinet products are 100% inspected before shipment to ensure that each product meets high quality standards. This advantage allows our customers to enjoy more reliable and stable product performance when purchasing our products. Through rigorous inspection, we are able to ensure that every mirror cabinet product is optimal in terms of function, appearance and performance. This makes our products competitive in the market, and customers can feel the excellent quality of the products during use. In addition, the advantage of 100% total inspection is also reflected in our strict control of product quality. We always put the needs and satisfaction of our customers first, and through the meticulous inspection of every product, we are able to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer without any quality problems.