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AOSMAY offers OEM&ODM services for mirror cabinets, ensuring that your products perfectly reflect your brand's style. Over the past 25 years, we have built a good reputation and gained the trust of our customers.

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Mirror Cabinet Technology

As a specialized manufacture of mirror cabinet for the past 25 years, we have servicing over thousands of brands. We serve the overseas sanitary ware industry with excellent quality and factory prices, and for AOSMAY, what sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to our customers. We offer the best of the best, which means we are constantly innovating to ensure that you get more out of your investment. Here are just a few of the techniques developed, each mirror cabinet has its own uniqueness.

Copper Free Silver Mirror:The mirror is made of copper-free silver mirror, which is environmentally friendly and reflects HD

Glass is safe and explosion-proof, keeping away from dangers.

Safe and waterproof light strip, energy-saving and long-lasting.

The touch switch of an LED mirror is an electronic switch specially used to control the functions of the LED mirror, which is usually integrated on the surface of the mirror or the edge of the mirror.

Touch Switch:Control the light off-on and anti-fog,also can control color tempeature

Invisible handle design,makes it unnecessary to touch the mirror when opening and closing the door

Door bumper,aims to ensure a quiet and secure experience by preventing the door from colliding with the door frame when closing.

Adjustable shelves 7mm tempered glass,allowing you to freely adjust the storage space based on your needs, making it more convenient for organizing and arranging personal items.

Soft-closing hinge,Mute hinges are designed to minimize noise and friction when opening or closing cabinet doors.

Provide Diverse Mirror Cabinet Customization Services

Start Design

If you are looking for inspiration, you can choose us. No matter what stage you are at, we can help you bring your product to market. We assist you with design development, evaluating all the details, from shape and size to functionality to quality control and more. You can enjoy a vertically integrated mirror cabinet manufacturing solution. We provide complete control and visibility over your entire supply chain, reducing costs and delivering goods on time. Now is the perfect time to get started and make your products shine with our high-quality mirror cabinet!

Style Customization

Multiple customization features, including size, shape, frame material, color, switch controls, brightness, color temperature and defogging.

Different Functions Customization

Wall-mounted or Recessed

The defog function of LED mirrors is a very practical function, especially in the bathroom environment.


The LED mirror's Bluetooth Connection feature allows the mirror to connect wirelessly with other devices (such as smartphones, tablets, etc.) via Bluetooth.

Blue-tooth Speaker

The LED mirror's Time and Alarm Clock Display provides users with the current time, date and alarm functions by integrating a digital display on the mirror surface.


The brightness adjustment and color temperature adjustment of the ED mirror mean that the user can change the brightness and color temperature of the LED light on the mirror to adapt to different usage scenarios and needs.

Color Temperature and Brightness Adjustment


Customized Sample Process


Receive Customer Requests (1-3 Days)


Design of the Product and Make a Quotation (3-5 Days)


Conclude the Transaction


Start of Production(14-30 Days)


Customer Receives Goods

Service Advantage

Start Design

Our powerful engineering team could provide full solutions for your special designs, production, and packing. Our professional sales team could offer you the appropriate opinions according to your needs.

Extensive Manufacturing Experience

With 25 years of experience, we're a trusted manufacturer specializing in bathroom LED mirrors and mirror cabinets. The whole factory covers above 50,000 sqm, 3 workshops.

Certified Suppliers of THD

We uphold rigorous standards, providing long-lasting LED mirrors and cabinets. As a THD certified supplier, trust us to meet the highest industry benchmarks.

Advanced Production Equipment

We utilize advanced machinery, including technologies such as laser cutting machines. These advanced tools enable precise fabrication of components with intricate designs and shapes, ensuring high precision and quality in our products.

Bulk Exports

Huge export volume, exported to many countries and regions, trusted by international customers.

Certificate of Honor

We are proud to have been awarded various international certifications and honors such as CE, UL, SAA, and BIS, which are proof of our dedication to quality and excellence in management.

Global Warehousing

We have established a network of overseas warehouses to ensure timely logistics and distribution services so that your products can quickly hit the shelves in the global market.

AOSMAY is deeply committed to excellence and sustainability, and our internationally recognized certifications serve as a testament to our relentless dedication to providing exceptional service that adds value to your business.

Esther Howard
Managing Director
We're a bathroom goods retailer. Recently, we've encountered customers needing a bath mirror cabinet with specific functions. AOSMAY products meet those needs, so we decided to sell their cabinets. The results are satisfactory! Product quality is stable, prices reasonable, with high cost performance. We look forward to future collaboration, providing quality solutions for our customers.
Kyle Anderson
Creative Director
Our company has been using the LED Mirror from AOSMAY, and the feedback from our clients has been highly positive. These LED Mirror are of high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Although slightly more expensive than other products, their quality and service are well worth the price. We recommend these products to other companies and look forward to future collaboration.




We have 25 years of manufacturing experience, especially with LED mirror and mirror cabinet for bathroom.

Our products have received UKCA, UL, CE approvals and are popular with customers all over the world. Ready for customized solutions and industry-leading, long-term customer support?

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Production Process

Glass Cutting

Glass Edging



Metal Bending

Spot Welding

Screwing on

Components Assembly

Glass Inspection

Automatic Glue

Mirror Door Sticking

Aging Test

Finished Goods Cleaning

Finished Goods Testing


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