Canadian Conversion Company that Designs RV Medicine Cabinets Customized Project

Project Information

Location: Canada


Client: Canadian tuning company that designs motorhomes


Project Scope:Customized three-door stainless steel medicine cabinet


Project Highlights: Aosmay worked with a Canadian renovation company designing RVs to create a solution to their RV storage problem with a customized 3-door stainless steel medicine cabinet.


During the design process, our team of professionals worked with the Canadian renovation company to design a solution they were very happy with, and during the manufacturing process, we produced a high quality medicine cabinet that met their needs.


After the arrival of the product, the decoration company contacted us for installation, the simple installation procedure was well received by the customer, the three-door stainless steel medicine cabinet solved the problem of RV storage, and its design style is very integrated with the design style of the RV.


This cooperation was well received by the customer, who also recommended us to local retailers, hoping for long-term cooperation.


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