16*28 inches Gold Powder Coating Wall Mount or Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

Item No.WPS1628-G

This 16x28-inch Aosmay gold metal frame bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirror offers flexible installation and ample storage, organizing essentials and enhancing your life.

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Product Name Powder Coating Mirror
Main Material Iron
Item No.
Cabinet Finish Type Powder Coated
Mirror Copper free silver mirror
Size (W*H) 16×28 inches or Customized
Cabinet Depth less than 5 inches
Warranty 2 years and Free Spares
Installation Surface mount
Delivery Time 30-45 Days (About 15 days for sample)

Better Lighted, Better You. AOSMAY Lighted Medicine Cabinets.


AOSMAY lighted mirror cabinets provide even, optimally bright lighting, eliminating harsh shadows and hotspots. Adding a dimmer switch offers you more control over the lighting and atmosphere of the room.

If your daily routine includes grooming, plucking, shaving, brushing, or applying makeup, install an AOSMAY lighted mirror cabinet and see yourself in a whole new light.


Product Features


Product Size

  • The size of the product is 16×28 inches.
  • The cabinet size can be customized, allowing you to choose the size you prefer.


4MM High Definition Copper Free Silver Mirror


  • High quality lead-free and copper-free environmentally friendly silver mirror with higher wear resistance, corrosion resistance and reflectivity,Anti-corrosion and reflectivity.
  • It has superb clarity and durability compared to other silver mirrors.



Recessed Mount or Wall Mount


  • The mirror cabinet has the features of built-in installation and wall-mounted installation. Embedded installation makes the mirror cabinet integrated with the wall,  increasing the overall beauty;
  • The wall-mounted installation is easy to disassemble and move, increasing the flexibility of use.


Golden iron powder material


  • The mirror cabinet made of gold iron powder material has a unique appearance with gold as the main color, bringing a calm and luxurious feeling to the space.
  • This material has excellent durability and resists scratches, abrasion, and corrosion to maintain the longevity of the mirror cabinet.


Spacious storage space


  • The mirror cabinet provides a spacious storage space, so you can easily organize and store a variety of items.
  • Equipped with multi-level storage shelves or drawers, it offers the option of partitioning and sorting storage.
  • This design makes the storage space more rational use, avoiding the accumulation of items and clutter.





Packing & Delivery


Export standard packing


  • Suitable for container loading directly sent to supermarket, warehouse, shops, project site etc.


E-commerce / Online sale packing  


  • Suitable for express to the end customer, sample by airfreight, and LCL shipment.


Pallet packing   


  • Save labor costs, reduce movement for products, keep the standard packing good conditions.


Factory direct loading    


  • Handle by our workers, fully used the space of the container, automatic forklift and team lift for every carton.