39×28 inches Medicine Cabinet Black Iron Cabinet bathroom with mirror Wall mount

Item No.MC-4028B

The shelves of the mirror cabinet are removable laminated boards, offering a versatile and adaptable storage solution. Consists of 5 shelves for a spacious interior space to keep all items in order.

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Assembled Length (in.) 39.00
Assembled Width (in.) 4.70
Assembled Height (in.) 28.00
Weight (lbs.) 39.44
Package Size Length (in.):44.88
Package Size Width (in.):10.00
Package Size Height (in.):32.87
Package Size Weight (lbs.):45.15
Main Material Iron
Cabinet Number of Doors 3


Product Features



Product Size

  • The cabinet size can be customized, allowing you to choose the size you prefer.


4MM High Definition Copper Free Silver Mirror


  • High quality lead-free and copper-free environmentally friendly silver mirror with higher wear resistance, corrosion resistance and reflectivity,Anti-corrosion and reflectivity.
  • It has superb clarity and durability compared to other silver mirrors.


Spacious Storage Space


  • The mirror cabinet provides a spacious storage space, so you can easily organize and store a variety of items.
  • Equipped with multi-level storage shelves or drawers, it offers the option of partitioning and sorting storage.
  • This design makes the storage space more rational use, avoiding the accumulation of items and clutter.


Advantages of Piano Hinge


  • Piano hinge, as a hinge type, offer the advantages of stability, durability, ease of installation, adjustability, aesthetics and a wide range of applications, making them ideal for furniture connections.




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Export standard packing


  • Suitable for container loading directly sent to supermarket, warehouse, shops, project site etc.


E-commerce / Online sale packing  


  • Suitable for express to the end customer, sample by airfreight, and LCL shipment.


Pallet packing   


  • Save labor costs, reduce movement for products, keep the standard packing good conditions.


Factory direct loading    


  • Handle by our workers, fully used the space of the container, automatic forklift and team lift for every carton.