24x30 Inch Gold Metal Framed Wall Mount or Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror 
24x30 Inch Gold Metal Framed Wall Mount or Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror 

24×30 Inch Gold Metal Framed Wall Mount or Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror 

Item No.K551125690

Discover our Iron Bathroom Mirror Cabinet!
Featuring a built-in defogging heating pad for a clear view every time.
Choose between Wall Mount or Recessed installation for versatility.
Elevate your bathroom experience with clarity and style.

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Main Color Gold+Matte Black
Main Material Iron
Number of Shelves 2
Cabinet Finish Type Powder Coated
Cabinet Features Removable Shelf
Cabinet Depth less than 5 inches
Cabinet Height 24 to 31 in
Cabinet Width 24 to 35 in
Product Dimensions Assembled Length (in.):24.00

Assembled Width (in.):4.90

Assembled Height (in.):30.00

Weight (lbs.):20.35

Package Size Length (in.):26.97

Width (in.):8.00

Height (in.):33.27

Weight (lbs.):28.66



Product Features


Recessed Mount or Wall Mount


The mirror cabinet has the features of built-in installation and wall-mounted installation. Embedded installation makes the mirror cabinet integrated with the wall,  increasing the overall beauty; The wall-mounted installation is easy to disassemble and move, increasing the flexibility of use. This diversified installation method allows users to choose the most suitable installation method according to their needs and preferences, and create the ideal space effect.



Luxury and noble design


In terms of appearance design, the mirror cabinet is mainly colored in gold, giving people a feeling of luxury and nobility. Gold is a unique and striking color that adds a sense of brilliance and luxury to a space. The gold appearance of this mirror cabinet makes it the focal point of the room and attracts people’s attention. This mirror cabinet may be equipped with delicate borders or textures that add to the overall beauty and texture. The gold appearance of the mirror cabinet and the details complement each other, highlighting the charm of modern and simple style.



Black iron powder material


Black iron powder material mirror cabinet, its unique appearance with black as the main color, brings a calm and luxurious feeling to the space. This material has excellent durability and can resist scratching, wear and corrosion to maintain the long service life of the mirror cabinet. In addition, the black iron powder mirror cabinet is also easy to clean, just gently wipe to restore the bright appearance. Moreover, it has strong waterproof performance, can effectively resist moisture and humidity, so that the items in the mirror cabinet are well protected.



Spacious storage space


The mirror cabinet provides a spacious storage space, so you can easily organize and store a variety of items. Equipped with multi-level storage shelves or drawers, it offers the option of partitioning and sorting storage. You can orderly place skin care products, cosmetics, toothbrushes, toothpaste, medicines and other daily necessities in different areas for easy access and management. This design makes the storage space more rational use, avoiding the accumulation of items and clutter.









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suitable for express to the end customer, sample by airfreight, and LCL shipment.



Pallet packing   


save labor costs, reduce movement for products, keep the standard packing good conditions.



Factory direct loading    


handle by our workers, fully used the space of the container, automatic forklift and team lift for every carton.