24*30 Inch Mirror Hangs Horizontally or Vertically Black Metal Framed Bathroom Mirror

Item No.FMR2430B

Modern & Sleek Design: The large bathroom mirror has simple clean line for stylish design that works so well with any decor, such as, the farmhouse style room, simple guest room, modern bedroom for vanity and entryway for expanding the horizons.

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Assembled Length (in.) 24.00
Assembled Width (in.) 1.30
Assembled Height (in.) 30.00
Weight (lbs.) 12.08
Main Color Black
Main Material Aluminium
Package Size Length (in.):27.56
Package Size Width (in.):4.00
Package Size Height (in.):33.46
Package Size Weight (lbs.):17.28


Modern stylish


The simple and generous appearance makes the mirror versatile and adaptable. The design of the black wrap gives the mirror a modern and stylish feel, which is able to match a variety of decoration styles and home styles. Whether placed in the bedroom, living room or bathroom, this black wrapped mirror blends in perfectly, adding a simple and sophisticated aesthetic to the space.

Hangs Horizontally or Vertically


Horizontal or vertical hanging. You can choose to install it horizontally, creating a seamless decorative effect across the wall, or vertically for a more elongated visual appeal. This design provides flexibility to accommodate different space layouts and individual preferences, adding versatility and aesthetic charm to your home environment. Whether used in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom, this wall mirror showcases its unique allure and practicality.

Secure attachment stable and reliable


This mirror is equipped with four sturdy hooks on the back, which are made of strong materials and construction to ensure that the mirror can be firmly hung on the wall. These hooks are carefully installed and secured with excellent load-bearing capacity, keeping the mirror balanced and secure at all times. Whether used in a home or business environment, you can confidently hang this mirror on your wall and enjoy clear reflection and practical functionality.


Black iron powder material


The black iron powder material is mainly black in color, which sets off its unique appearance and brings a feeling of melancholy and luxury to the space. This material has excellent durability and can resist scratching, wear and corrosion, maintaining the long service life of the mirror. Black iron powder is also easy to clean and restores a bright look with just a gentle wipe. Moreover, it has strong waterproof performance and can effectively resist moisture.



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Export standard packing


suitable for container loading directly sent to supermarket, warehouse, shops, project site etc.

E-commerce / Online sale packing  


suitable for express to the end customer, sample by airfreight, and LCL shipment.

Pallet packing   


save labor costs, reduce movement for products, keep the standard packing good conditions.


Factory direct loading    


handle by our workers, fully used the space of the container, automatic forklift and team lift for every carton.