20*26 Medicine Cabinet Surface Mount or Recess Aluminium Bathroom Livingroom

Item No.MC508

Aluminium Alloy Design: All our medicine cabinets are constructed of premium aluminum and mirrored glasses, which is reliable and promises a long service life and perfectly blend in modernized aesthetic.

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Product Parameters

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Key attributes


Assembled Length (in.) 20.00
Assembled Width (in.) 5.00
Assembled Height (in.) 26.00
Weight (lbs.) 25.00
Main Color Silver
Number of Shelves 2
Cabinet Finish Type Polished
Cabinet Features Adjustable Shelves
Cabinet Number of Doors 1
Use Case Bathroom



Invisible handle design


The mirror cabinet uses an invisible handle design, which makes it unnecessary to touch the mirror when opening and closing the door, so as to avoid staining the mirror. This feature is very practical, especially when making up, washing your face or applying skin care products, there are often residual water droplets, oils or cosmetics on your hands, and if you directly contact the mirror, it is easy to leave stains on it. The mirror cabinet’s invisible handle solves this problem, allowing you to easily open and close the door without tarnishing the mirror. In addition to keeping the mirror clean, the invisible handle also gives the mirror cabinet a more concise and stylish look. There is no longer a prominent handle, and the surface of the entire mirror cabinet presents a smooth and consistent line, showing a modern and advanced sense. This design also enhances the beauty of the entire space, making the mirror cabinet a part of the decoration, highlighting the overall fashion atmos.

Adjustable shelves 7mm tempered glass


This mirror cabinet is equipped with adjustable glass shelves, allowing you to freely adjust the storage space based on your needs, making it more convenient for organizing and arranging personal items. The 7mm tempered glass shelves are strong and safe.Easy operation for adjusting the height.

Soft-closing hinge


This mirror cabinet features a quiet hinge mechanism that ensures quiet operation during use. Mute hinges are designed to minimize noise and friction when opening or closing cabinet doors. Whether you open or close the door, you can enjoy a smooth and silent experience. Whether you use the mirror cabinet in the morning or at night, it will not produce any loud or obnoxious sounds, ensuring a quiet atmosphere for your family or neighbors. This feature is also suitable for hotels, hospitals and other places that need a quiet environment. 90 degree adjustable hinge. Removable hinge for easy adjustment.

For left or right-hand Mounting


The top and bottom structure of this mirror cabinet is the same, and it can be installed with left or right door opening. You can choose to install the door on the left or right side as required. This design makes the mirror cabinet more flexible when installed, and can adapt to different spatial layouts and user habits. You can choose the most suitable door opening direction according to your personal preferences and actual situation, so as to facilitate your use.

Recessed Mount or Wall Mount


The mirror cabinet has the features of built-in installation and wall-mounted installation. Embedded installation makes the mirror cabinet integrated with the wall, increasing the overall beauty; The wall-mounted installation is easy to disassemble and move, increasing the flexibility of use. This diversified installation method allows users to choose the most suitable installation method according to their needs and preferences, and create the ideal space effect.

Spacious storage space


The mirror cabinet provides a spacious storage space, so you can easily organize and store a variety of items. Equipped with multi-level storage shelves, it offers the option of partitioning and sorting storage. You can orderly place skin care products, cosmetics, toothbrushes, toothpaste, medicines and other daily necessities in different areas for easy access and management. This design makes the storage space more rational use, avoiding the accumulation of items and clutter.



Packing & Delivery


Export standard packing


suitable for container loading directly sent to supermarket, warehouse, shops, project site etc.

E-commerce / Online sale packing  


suitable for express to the end customer, sample by airfreight, and LCL shipment.

Pallet packing   


save labor costs, reduce movement for products, keep the standard packing good conditions.


Factory direct loading    


handle by our workers, fully used the space of the container, automatic forklift and team lift for every carton.