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Franchise | AOSMAY is looking to build a distribution network to expand its reach and better serve our customers worldwide. Becoming an AOSMAY dealer, retailer or distributor is lucrative and promising, so if you are truly interested, then look no further!

OEM ODM Service

We also offer full customization, where we can help you with design development. We evaluate all the details, from shape and size, to lighting, to quality control, and more. With us, you can enjoy a vertically integrated bathroom mirror and bathroom mirror cabinet manufacturing solution. We provide complete control and visibility over your entire supply chain, reducing costs and delivering goods on time. Now is the perfect time to get started and make your products shine with our high-quality, customized products!

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What you get when you become an AOSMAY partner

Provide Exclusive Sources

Only for the franchisee to provide exclusive sources of goods, to ensure that you are in the area of the source of goods only for you.


Provide technical support and business guidance for franchisees to help franchisees better run the store.

Cost and Efficiency

So that franchisees can be the lowest cost price, to create the maximization of economic benefits.

Quality Assurance

Our products are strictly in accordance with the production standards, through the anti-drop test, our quality is very good.

Production Capacity

We have a large area of factories, with multiple production lines, sufficient production, to ensure that the franchisee has a sufficient supply of goods.

Provide Design Inspiration

We have a professional design team, using computer software design, to meet your product design needs.

For a franchisee or dealership we need:

1. Franchisees must follow our quality control standards.

2. Maintain AOSMAY brand consistency.

3. Franchisees need to participate in the AOSMAY training program.

4. Actively participate in sales and marketing and effectively manage inventory.

5. Franchisees provide quality customer service.

6. Franchisees have financial stability.

7. Comply with AOSMAY company sales policy.

8. Franchisees must abide by the rules for operating in specific areas.

9. Actively listen to customer feedback.

We want to make sure that you get off to a fast start when you start your new business, so as part of our Franchise Package, we have designed a comprehensive hands-on training program that will teach you everything you need to know about the product, while providing you with the skills and the expertise you need to run your own business. We provide franchisees with a dedicated support team. You don't need any qualifications or skills to get started in the business. You don't need any qualifications or skills to get started in the business, and we'll help you get certified to maintain your products. Our training program will also provide you with the skills you need to successfully grow your business in your new franchise area and maximize your profitability. Our training program will also provide you with the skills you need to successfully grow your business in your new franchise territory, maximize sales and build a loyal customer base. Our training program will also provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to successfully grow your business in a new franchise area, maximize sales and build a loyal customer base.

Franchisee Process

1. Submit an Application

Franchisees fill out the franchise application form and submit relevant information to apply for franchising.

2. Qualification Assessment

The company carries out qualification assessment of the applicant, including industry experience, financial strength and regional experience and other aspects of the assessment.

3. Online or Offline Meeting

Qualified applicants will be communicated in a meeting to further understand the applicant's background, expectations and intention to cooperate.

4. Signing of letters of intent

After both parties reach the intention to cooperate, sign a letter of intent to join or a preliminary cooperation agreement to confirm the intention to cooperate and the basic terms.

5. Sign a Formal Contract

After confirming the intention to cooperate, the two sides signed a formal contract to join, clear cooperation rules and rights and obligations.

6. Training Guidance

AOSMAY provides comprehensive training and guidance for franchisees, including product knowledge, sales skills and store management training.

7. Opening Preparation

Franchisee completes the store decoration and equipment procurement, and then carries out the preparatory work before opening, including staff recruitment, inventory procurement and so on.

8. Opening Operation

After the completion of the opening ceremony, the formal start of business operations, in accordance with the company's requirements to implement the relevant business policies and processes.

9. E-commercial Business

Professional product selection Product image and video footage support Website and social media page design support.

10. Ongoing Support

The company provides continuous support and guidance for franchisees, including sales promotion, marketing and store management support.

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