Aosmay-Foshan Shunde Rongcheng Stainless Steel Sanitary Wares Industrial Co., Ltd is a 25-year manufacturer of bathroom furniture in Foshan, 95% of products are for exporting. The whole factory covers above 50,000 sqm, 3 workshops with advanced types of equipment, and follows the latest management standards.

Provision of Services

We have 25 years of manufacturing experience, especially LED Mirror and Mirror Cabinets, our wholesale LED mirrors have been certified by UKCA, CE, IP44, UL, SAA and are popular with customers all over the world. We offer customizable products or OEM service, come and find the brand of the product you want to set up our experts are always ready to help you complete the customization to fit your specific needs.


Modern equipment: We have advanced production equipment and technology, including automated production lines, intelligent mechanical equipment, etc., which provide a solid foundation for the efficient production of products. Lean production process: We adopt lean production management mode to optimize production process and improve production efficiency to ensure product quality and delivery time. Professional team: We have a high-quality production team, skilled and experienced, able to flexibly respond to various production needs and challenges. Safety and Environmental Protection: We emphasize the safety and health of our employees, strictly abide by the production safety standards, and take measures to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the production plant. Quality Management: We have established a perfect quality management system, including strict quality inspection process, continuous quality improvement activities to ensure stable and reliable product quality.


Our production team consists of more than one hundred members, most of whom have rich production experience and can skillfully operate many types of equipment. At the same time, we actively recruit young and energetic production staff and quickly train new employees to master production skills. We are committed to the growth of our company and our employees to ensure the sustainable development of productivity.

Quality Monitoring

All Raw Materials and Semi-Finished Products are Inspected

Use of Copper-free Silver Mirrors

All Products are Subjected to 24-hour Aging Test

Sturdy and Drop-proof Packaging

Core Values

Sustainable Development Route

We are well aware that climate change poses serious environmental challenges. Therefore, in response to our love for the planet, we only use environmentally friendly materials to complete our designs. We are convinced that environmental sustainability is an important step towards sustainability is an important step in realizing corporate sustainability that helping to provide customers and consumers with environmentally valuable products and services to our customers and consumers.

Guided by High Quality Standards

We rely on each of our allies to work with integrity and always do what we say we will do. We always do what we say we will do, and we are committed to solving problems and being a customer, fair, transparent, trustworthy and proactive partner. partner.

As a manufacturer of bathroom LED mirrors and mirror cabinets for thousands of brands over the past 25 years, we have earned the trust and support of our customers with our excellent quality.

AOSMAY is deeply committed to excellence and sustainability, and our internationally recognized certifications serve as a testament to our relentless dedication to providing exceptional service that adds value to your business.

Esther Howard
Managing Director
We're a bathroom goods retailer. Recently, we've encountered customers needing a bath mirror cabinet with specific functions. AOSMAY products meet those needs, so we decided to sell their cabinets. The results are satisfactory! Product quality is stable, prices reasonable, with high cost performance. We look forward to future collaboration, providing quality solutions for our customers.
Kyle Anderson
Creative Director
Our company has been using the LED Mirror from AOSMAY, and the feedback from our clients has been highly positive. These LED Mirror are of high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Although slightly more expensive than other products, their quality and service are well worth the price. We recommend these products to other companies and look forward to future collaboration.