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Best sale china bathroom cabinet factory directly with various colours, materials, also size product by AOSMAY china cabinet factory. Here you can choose all kinds of materials to design your custom mirror cabinet. Such as stainless steel, aluminium, plywood, also powder coating etc. They are durable, Eco-friendly, comfortable and fixable for bathroom using. We have the specialized function for printing logo, switch button also sockets etc. There are different kinds of high-quality accessories you can choose to decorate your personal bathroom.

AOSMAY produce bath product for more than 18 years. We offer high-quality goods and provide friendly manner.

We understand that you may want to have your custom made items. So we provide a new service for owners here. If you want to design your own personalized items, provide your ideas or logo to us. We have a design department working for you.They will get back to you within 48hours. Contact us now or leave your email address here.

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Aluminum Mirror Cabinet Three Doors, Surface-Mount Medicine Cabinet by AOSMAY: ASM-A006

Aluminum Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Recessed or Surface-Mount Bathroom Medicine Cabinet by AOSMAY: ZE-A004

Aluminum Storage Cabinet China Bathroom Cabinet Factory by AOSMAY: ASM-ZE203

Beveled Bathroom Mirrors Recessed or Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet by AOSMAY: ZE-A004

Decorative Medicine Cabinet Surface-Mount Medicine Cabinet in Anodized Aluminum by AOSMAY: ASM-A004S

FramelessRecessed or Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet in Aluminum by AOSMAY: ASM-A003

High Quality Aluminum Mirror Cabinet & LED Mirror Cabinet with Shaving Socket: ASM-A001

High Quality Plywood Cabinet Plywood Cabinet Factory China Cabinet with hanging shelves and Door Drawer: ASM-PV006

Home Plywood Storage Cabinet with Led Drawer Light &Three Storage Drawers & Glassdoor:ASM-PV001

Large Medicine Cabinet LED Lighting Double Door Surface Mount Cabinet by AOSMAY: AD-A002XL

LED Bathroom Medicine Cabinet in AOSMAY: ASM-819

LED Mirror Cabinet Shaver Socket Plywood Mirror Cabinet in Plywood Cabinet Factory: ASM-PC003