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Our exquisitely-designed Surface Mount Lighted Mirrors Cabinet adds a stylish yet functional theme in your bath. Using modern LED technology, the mirror is controlled by sensor switch. So you can able to switch on without touching. Alos, the illuminates the doors of cabinet contain place shelf. Its simple, clean styling will enlighten any room with sweet light.

A simple mirror can get a glamorous update with the addition of back-lighting. A mirror with built-in lights can flash up the beauty of your skill also make a good start of your day. Lighted mirrors are ideal for applying makeup and seeing your face in a detailed also flattering up. They’re great for bathrooms with low natural light. The LED lighting is soft, not harsh lighting, also shining the nature of you.

You can customize your bathroom mirror with Bluetooth, speaker function also any kind of switches. We design all the LED mirror in Detachable structure, so you can replace strews or light by yourself at anywhere. Both beautiful and practical.